About Us

IGELS is a society which had been formed between Surgeons of Trichy, India and University of Friberg, Germany, This is a knowledge sharing forum between the two countries Velan Speciality Hospitals, Trichy will be the headquarters of the society, ITs an initiative by the KLS Martin Group and Mr Manfred Seager is the only non surgeon international convenor of the group.

The society is formed at November, 2018 and on November 9th 2018, Mrs Kiran Stoll, the Consulate General, Gemran Consulate, Chennai, Inaugrated and unveiled the plaque which is installed in the Modular Operation room entrance.

Following which the surgeons of Trichy and all over from india got an honorary membership with the IGELS Society. Faculties of the IGELS

Indo German Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Society


Partnership with the University Clinic of Freiburg
University Clinic of Freiburg
Key Facts about University Clinic of Freiburg
University Clinic of Freiburg
  • Belongs to the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg
  • Founded in 1457
  • Third largest hospital in Germany
  • 1600 beds in 110 wards
Our partnership
University Clinic of Freiburg
  • Building a strong and long-lasting bond between Freiburg and Trichy
  • Exchange of knowledge on a broad scale
  • Live-surgery programs for students
  • Exchange of doctors